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Senior 2017 Rhinestone Glitter Tees now available!

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The rhinestone and glitter "Senior 2017" t-shirt is now available at 

These shirts have lots of bling and sparkle.  Customized by shirt and glitter color.  These two shirts were just finished for a customer.  Shown is a ladies fitted white tee with blue glitter and a unisex tee in black with red glitter.  

Senior 2017 t-shirts shown in black tee with red glitter and white tee with blue glitter.

The "Senior 2017" glitter and rhinestone t-shirt is perfect for back-to-school senior students.  These shirts make a great gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, etc.

Senior 2017 customized t-shirt.  Shown is a ladies fitted tee in white with blue glitter.

Also great for college senior students too!

With so many color choices like a black tee with copper glitter, a neon pink tee with black glitter, or maybe a white tee with red glitter, you are bound to find something you like!

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